Citi Business Olympics 2016

The 2016 edition of the Citi Business Olympics was well attended by many organizations and companies. This event was held at the Burma Camp Leisure Centre on Saturday 24th September 2016. IFS Financial Services (IFS) was one of the 60 companies, – the highest number since the event’s inception, that converged for arguably corporate Ghana’s largest outdoor event. An event held annually, and perhaps the biggest corporate outdoor sporting event in Ghana, saw IFS Financial Services sweeping most of trophies for the day, with very few left for the others to carry away. It was a daylong event, which started on a peaceful yet competitive note around the early hours of the morning. The atmosphere was stimulating and employees of the 60 companies present quickly geared up to compete amongst one another in games such as Tug of War, Volley ball, Football, Arm Wrestling, Swimming, Table Tennis, among many others.
The Citi Business Olympics also provided a platform for participating companies to showcase and advertise their products and services to the public. It served as an opportunity for IFS Financial Services (IFS) to inform other participants and the larger corporate ecosystem about our unique investment and loan offerings that are tailored to match the expectations of people with various financial needs.

Before the main events for the day began, most people took part in the aerobics session, which was held to warm up and prepare everyone physically and mentally. The event was brought to a climax when it was finally time for the certificates and trophies to be awarded to the winning teams. There was a general sense of excitement within the IFS Financial Services team. To everyone’s surprise, the head of the Human Resource Department of IFS, Mrs Akosua Annorbea Dotse, in a challenging women’s relay event, came first in the swimming contest. IFS Financial Services also placed first in the men’s Volley Ball and men’s Tug of War events respectively.
In an interview with Mrs Mary Maamah Addo, a key member of IFS’s women’s Tug of War team, she expressed how astonished and overjoyed she felt when IFS won the men’s Volley Ball contest. According to her, the team they faced in the final event (Wakanow), was known to be very well built physically, and had defeated all other teams in the event except IFS. Winning the game against them was one of the most memorable things that happened at the event for her and many other members who took part in the game.

Miss Jennifer Brenni, another IFS employee, claimed that one of her memorable events was when the IFS Tug of War team entered the field to participate. The physically built bodies of the team members caused most of the competing teams to fumble and be taken aback. This really raised and boosted the morale of the IFS team, since they noticed the fear that they imposed on the other teams. This gave the IFS team a psychological upper hand to win the men’s Tug of War Competition.
Other staff spoke of the aerobic exercises that were done to warm up before the commencement of the main events. Due to the non-scoring nature of this exercise, it made it easy and fun to partake in it; and as a result, was performed by everyone including non-competitors.
Some memorable moments that other staff could recall, were the singing and chanting that the various companies did to support and push up the morale of their respective teams to win the competition. It was an atmosphere of melodies, tunes and pitches combined with attitude and a strong sense of will for one’s team to win. This made all the events pleasant and intriguing to watch.

Although the Citi Business Olympics has been in existence for quite some time, this event marked IFS’s second year of participating. In terms of the general preparations, and the wide reach made by Citi FM, most staff felt this year’s event was better organized and attended than the previous one. Like any good cause, it was an indication that the annual event has improved and will keep improving over time.

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